Create a Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreements or SLA for short is a level of service your customers expect from you. For example, if you want to reach back out within 4 hours that can be created as an SLA that needs to be met.

In order to create an SLA, you can:

  • Navigate to Routers
  • Create a new router or click on an existing router
  • Select SLA
  • Click Create SLA
  • Enter the Name of the SLA
  • Select the SLA Field that will be the rule that needs to be met
  • Select the SLA Field Operator and Value
  • Chose the Time before an action is executed if the SLA is not met
  • Chose the Action that will occur if the SLA is not met
    • Send email to assignee
    • Send SMS to assignee
    • Re-assign
      • This will re-assign to another user in the router based on availability
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