Create a Router

A router is a distribution of objects amongst a set of user. This can be distributing contacts, companies, or deals.

Create a lead router to distribute your leads dynamically and more efficiently. Set your triggers, users, model and then take your router live by publishing.

To get started creating a router:

  • In your Routera account, navigate to Routers on your main navigation.
  • To create a new router, in the upper right, click Add Router
  • Name your router and click Create

Once you have created your router, you will be taken to chose the triggers. 

Triggers decide which contacts, companies or deals are enrolled into the distribution.

  • Click on Create Trigger
  • Select the Trigger Type
    • Field Update: Enrolls the object when a specific HubSpot field is updated
      • Chose the Object Type
        • Contacts
        • Companies
        • Deals
      • Chose the Field, this is any HubSpot field on the selected object type
      • Select the Operator and Value that needs to be met to enroll this object
    • New Record: Enrolls the object when a new record is created
      • Chose the Object Type
        • Contacts
        • Companies 
        • Deals
    • Workflow Action:  Enrolls the object when it hits the Routera workflow action
  • Click Save & Close

Once you've selected the trigger, you'll be navigated to the users selection

Users are the representatives that will be considered in the assignment

  • Check each user that you want to be included in the distribution
  • Select the Overflow User which will be assigned leads in the case that everyone is unavailable.
  • Then continue by clicking Next

After choosing which users will be included in the Router, you'll navigate to the Model page

Distribution models set how leads are distributed amongst the selected users, this could be fair, or weighted distributions.

    • Round robin: This is a fair distribution, where the first person in the list will receive the first lead and then the second and so on, in a queue based formation. 
    • Percentage: This is a weighted distribution, where depending on the percentage set on each user, they will receive that percentage of 

Round robin distributions are the most fair. While percentage can tend to lean more towards high performers. 

For percentage based distributions, user percentages must add up to 100% to be saved and published

  • Once you've selected your distribution model and settings, click Next

Next you'll be taken to the SLA step

SLAs or Service Level Agreements are rules set on how long a user has to make a specific action on the record. This could be how long they have to make first contact, or move their lead status to a different stage. 

SLAs are optional feel free to skip this step and click Next. If you want to create an SLA you can:

  • Start by clicking Create SLA
  • Configure the Action Details
  • Click Save & Close
  • Click Next

For more information on SLA's read our documentation on Creating SLAs

The next step will take you to Account Matching

Account Matching will automatically route a lead to the owner of the associated company or deal

Account Matching are optional feel free to skip this step and click Next. If you want to add account matching you can:

  • Click Create Rule
  • Select the Rule Settings
  • Click Save & Close
  • Click Next

For more information on Account Matching read our guide on Adding Account Matching documentation

The next page is to Review & Publish your Router

  • Review the Triggers
  • Review the Users
  • Review the Model
  • Review the SLA
  • Review the Rules
  • Click Save & Publish

Once the Router has been published if the trigger is Workflow Action, be sure to add the action within your HubSpot workflows. Read more about this here.

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