Edit Router Distribution Model

Each Router requires selecting a distribution model. This changes how many reps each user will receive, and the fairness of the assignment.

Lead routers include specific distribution models. This is chosen when you are creating or editing a lead router. 

Currently there are two main distribution models:

  • Round robin model: This is a fair distribution, the first user in the model will get the first lead, then the second user, then the third, and so on until the last user after which it will go to back to the first.
  • Percentage model: Set allocated percentages for each rep. This needs to add up to 100%. We will then pre-set the next 100 leads to distribute leads according to those percentages. This is best to allocate more leads to specific users who perform better.

In order to chose the distribution model, simply:

  • Navigate to Lead Routers in the main navigation
  • Select or Create Lead Router to set the model on. If you are creating a new lead router refer to this article 
  • Navigate to Model on the Router menu
  • Select Percentage under Distribution Model
  • Enter the Percentage fields for each User on the Lead Router
  • Click Save
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